Banner Life Insurance

Banner Life Insurance is one of the top insurance company in United State of America, with lot of

benefits, if your are disabled, your premium can be waived for a particular period, there is also

an opportunity for policy conversion which means switching from universal to term and term to

By the time you are ready to purchase a policy, you can get a free quote by navigating and

clicking on the Quote link. As a policy holder you can signin into your account through the

website, create an account and make your payment.

To login into your account, click on login at the top, the next thing is to select the account

type, there are basically, three type of account; namely Banner life, William Penn and retirement

annuity, and after you have successfully selected your account, enter your User Id and your

password into the login form.

Should in case, you forgot your password, there no need to worry, simply click on the Forgot

password button and enter your Tax ID and policy number, then click on login.

You can register as a new user through their website by clicking on the New User Registration

button, then enter your policy number and tax ID and click on the submit button.

Payment can be made through electronic funds transfer or credit card, you can simply set these up

by contacting your agent.

To file a claim, enter this url in the address bar, once it loads, type in your policy number,

name address, city, state, Zip, phone number and email address.

The next thing to do is to enter your insured’s personal information and your mode of contact.

To Get a Quote, enter this url in address bar,

then enter your Bith Date, Gender, Height, Weight, Zip code, State, Coverage Amount and Policy

Lenght and click on Get a Quote

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